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Transparency for proper business decisions!

Auditing with Care!

The Internal Auditing function is an integral part of the monitoring system within a company and provides independent and objective reviews over business processes and transactions. With the Corporate Governance Code, the existence of an internal audit function has become mandatory for mainly all companies, not only for listed companies.

The service of the Internal Auditing is determined to add value to the organization by improving the internal control system and business processes and by assisting management in achieving their goals. Efficiently executed, Internal Auditing contributes in the release of management's liability regarding their organizational responsibilities.


The aim of the CRAudit services is to

Build up trust by providing reasonable assurance that:

  • processes are functioning as intended
  • financial and operational information are reliable
  • laws, policies and regulations are complied with

Avoid errors and fraud by closing the gaps in the internal control system in order to:

  • reduce the risk of errors
  • detect and correct errors timely
  • mitigate the risk of fraud

Provide information by creating transparency:

  • over business processes and transactions
  • for supporting the decisions making process

Within this mission CRAudit provides services in the areas of internal auditing and corporate governance,
with a focus on:

  • Audit Assistance
  • Outsourced Audit Function
  • Coaching and Consulting
  • ControllingFinancial and business analysis